Neurosculpting® Yoga at Sonic Bloom!

I’m super excited to announce 2 opportunities to take class with me at Sonic Bloom this year! Friday 6/17 at 12:30 and Sunday 6/19 at 8:30a

Tuning In To Pleasure
Did you know we have more neural receptors to recognize negative things than positive ones? Evolutionarily speaking, this has helped us survive. But as we move toward a more evolved human consciousness our brains have to evolve with us. Through conscious attention and self directed neuroplasticity, we can tune our brains toward developing more receptors for pleasure and positive experiences to enhance our overall growth as human beings.

As one of the leaders in the growing fields of movement psychology and neuroscience, Michelle Lee Weldon will lead you through a gentle yoga class designed to prime your mind and body for enhanced pleasure and expansive growth.