The Digital Thought Bubble Begins

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So…There’s this balance in being a professional in the world.  Especially in a field like mine, yoga and psychotherapy and health coaching.  This precarious fine line exists in the notion that honesty and authenticity make you stand out from the crowd… Which is fine for typical bloggers, even some edgy yogis.  But what about Therapists?  While my human-ness is one of my greatest asets, I wonder where the fine line of balance is?  In my particular niche in which I’ve carved out a profession around helping you to live your most vibrant life by embodying the same, breaking from the traditional therapy mode of a stiff nodding of the head and questions like “..and how does that make you feel…?” necessitates that the human relationships we build are genuine.  How can you learn from my experiences, some of which may parallel your own, if you only get a photoshopped version of me?  So this is my pact I make with you… You get the un~photoshopped version.  Not the adolescent dear diary stuff, but the authentic musings, insights and contemplations inspired by real life.  Perhaps not always for the faint of heart… but then again, if you’ve gotten this far you probably already know I’m not a “one size fits all” kind of therapist.  Come along for the ride… if you’re ready!