Neurosculpting® Yoga

A whole brain approach to meditation to increase neuroplasticity

What is Neurosculpting®?

A whole brain approach to meditation to increase neuroplasticity


How does this differ from regular yoga?

It is any regular, mindfully taught therapeutic yoga, plus some. Using Neurosculpting® language, specific sequencing and guided visualization, NS yoga enhances the whole brain process involved in both regular yoga and meditation. This creates an even deeper integration between more parts of your brain to prime your mind, body and spirit to unwind old patterns and create new healthy ones to support you in designing a life you love.

What does all that mean?

  • The languaging is specific, to create psychologically safe spaces and calm the resistance center of the brain.
  • Neurosculpting® yoga incorporates some neuroscience nuggets to deepen your understanding and therefore your sense of Autonomy in your healing process.
  • The yoga asana is sequenced mindfully with grounding pauses to incorporate the theme through breathwork and visualization.
  • The final savasana is longer, and may be done sitting up or laying down. It incorporates a Neurosculpting® meditation with Neurosculpting® language to help fill in a desired quality or new habit.
  • Suggestions are given as to how to incorporate and integrate this into daily life.

How long are the classes?

Regular yoga class time. 75 minutes or 90 minutes works best, but can be done in 60 minutes

Who are the teachers?

Neurosculpting® Yoga teachers are dual Certified Neurosculpting® Facilitators and Certified Yoga Teachers. They have been trained and certified by Michelle Lee Weldon and Lisa Wimberger

Are there other formats?

Yes, this can also be done as a workshop. In fact, it is recommended that everyone try a workshop to build familiarity and understanding. A workshop is usually 2 hours and broken up into 45 minutes of simple neuroscience lecture and 75 minutes for NS Yoga.

When is the next workshop?

Click on my EVENTS page to find the next NS Yoga workshop!

To Learn More,

Check out Neurosculpting® Institute founder Lisa Wimberger’s youtube channel here: