Personal Coaching


When thinking about how I wanted to share what I do, I figured the best way to find out was to ask my clients. When I did, more than a few of them said “Just say you do Bad Ass Magic and stuff.”

I thought their responses to be amusing – and while not particularly descriptive, maybe it gives you right brain dominant folks a felt sense of what you might experience with me – you know, bad ass magic and stuff… For you left brain dominant folks though – here are some more specific descriptions:

I offer:

  • Mindfulness and Meditation Coaching
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Neurosculpting® Meditation Coaching
  • Body Centered Psychotherapy
  • Lifestyle Design Coaching
  • Professional Mentorship and Training


When we meet for a session, whether via web or in person, we work with what is up in the present for you, rather than spending a great deal of time talking about the past. Insight into what drives us is important, but a very small piece of the pie. What is really important, is how your nervous system is responding in present time and the stories you are telling yourself about your experience that perpetuate your nervous system response. With a wide variety of meditation and evidenced based psychological tools, we can easily support your nervous system into greater balance and help integrate and strengthen new neural networks so that you can live the life you desire.


One of the unique qualities I bring is my eclectic education. Unlike many coaches, I am also a licensed psychotherapist, meaning I have thousands of hours of experience and supervision ensuring my knowledge of best practices, ethics and skills.

If we have not spoken in person (via one of my workshops or yoga classes), I recommend signing up for a free 15 minute phone consultation. We might decide to talk longer, or to actually meet in person or over the web for a deeper conversation. This way we can make sure we are the best fit for each other. Transformation happens when you are really ready for it, when you are willing to go all in. To support your leap, we will commit to working together for 3 months, During which you will have access to my entire repertoire of insight, tools, life hacks, and deep care. I will help you ask the quality questions, and use what shows up in the moment to remove the friction from your flow.

The folks who get the most from my work tend to be:

  • Motivated and action oriented
  • Already successful, but sense there is more available to them in the world
  • Looking for an authentic relationship to their true heart
  • Committed to Growth
  • Looking for support deeper than coaching and more action oriented than psychotherapy alone


If you are curious about deepening the richness of your life, living from a space of Vibrant, Turned-On engagement, let’s schedule a free phone consultation so we can begin your path to the life you dream.