“I have gotten more out of a few of your Vibrant Medicine sessions than years of regular talk therapy!” ~Tiffany M.

“For the first time in years, I feel more relaxed and optimistic. Things that stressed me out in the past don’t affect me the way they used to. The meditations help me to feel proactive and empowered.” ~Christie R.

“I am more organized and focused than I ever have been!” ~Matthew P.

“Finding a therapist was pretty overwhelming for me. I had just begun to see someone else when I took a meditation workshop that Michelle was teaching and I knew right away that she was “the one”. So I did something I don’t usually have the courage to do, and I walked right up to her after class and asked if she’d be able to take me on. This last year has been the biggest year of growth and healing for me and I owe it to the work Michelle has done with me.” ~Jan. S.

“In the four years that I have know Michelle I have utilized many of her offering to heal and connect deeper with myself. I have practiced yoga, taken privates and gained so much on my own personal neurosculpting journey. With Michelle’s support I overcame overwhelming grief from multiple losses in my life, I gained confidence in my yoga skills (that confidence reached far beyond the mat), and I am repatterning old anxiety with neurosculpting meditations.
There are many paths to healing and the journey is unique to each person. Michelle is a connected, gifted and knowledgeable soul that will walk wholeheartedly beside you when needed. May you find the right path to your vibrant life.” ~Kate C.

“I started seeing Michelle for yoga psychotherapy at a very chaotic time in my life, and while life will most likely always contain quite a bit of chaos, my work with Michelle has profoundly shifted my perspective and relationship with the chaos. Michelle has helped me tap into parts of myself that have allowed the many areas of my life and my relationships (my relationship with myself included) to take on new meaning. I have greatly benefited from the wide skill set she brings to her work–from psychotherapy to yoga therapy to life coaching to guided visualization. Michelle works with each client to reroute neural networks and assist each client in gaining their own skills to better enable them to live their best life. She is that fierce and loving mother that gently pushes you to your own edge.” ~Ashley S.

Yoga Classes:

“I also wanted to share how the intention for your class affected my day. I arrived to class totally stressed over the hours of work waiting for me around taxes and health insurance matters. With your neuro-science suggestion, I came into a place of gratitude that all of these important matters were lining up in my life, and I was getting everything accomplished!
I went home and spent the entire day focused and energized and got everything accomplished. And I had a really nice day! So thank you! Your class helped me to shift my perspective and feel good about something I was stressed about. :)” ~Sarah K.

“I have only just returned to yoga after years of dealing with chronic pain. My first class was with Michelle last week and it was amazing! She has such a great presence and exudes kindness and acceptance. I’m excited to try her Neurosculpting class.” ~Anonymous

“I love how she is able to explain complex ideas in a way that us laypeople can understand. I feel like she is working to help me treat my entire self – body, brain and spirit :)” ~Anonymous

“This has been a really hard year for me, but listening to your voice is so soothing and relaxing. I feel so held in your classes.” ~Barb R.